Stacey Steele - vocals, guitars, piano, drums, bass
Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. - strings


words and music by Stacey Steele

They say it's better to have loved, than to never have loved at all,
so why'd I let you slip right through my hands.
I never knew just what it meant, to know love that was heaven sent,
then to see it blow away just like the wind.

My mind's replaying movies, about how it used to be,
if I could have just one more chance, I'd never set you free.

My Rosarita's back in town, turning my world inside and out,
I don't know how we got this way, I sure know I still feel the pain of losing you,
oh do you feel it, too, I hope you do.

They say all's fair in love and war, then what in the hell are we fighting for,
is it all just really a selfish game?
If I could twist the hands of fate, abck to another time and place,
I'd somehow try to change the thins I said to you.